State House

The New Hampshire State House is located on Main Street in Concord. It is an impressive building built in the 1800’s in the Greek Revival Style, with massive blocks of granite and columns. The State House is the oldest state capitol in which both houses of legislature meet in their original chambers.

There is no gate on the grounds surrounding the building making it truly a house of the people, easily accessible to all who want to visit. It is an inviting space for locals to play an active role in their state’s government and history.

In the yard outside of the House, there are statues of Daniel Webster, Franklin Pierce (the only U.S. President from New Hampshire- you can also visit his house while in Concord), General John Stark and John Hale.

Upon entrance, there is a Hall of Flags which houses battle flags for New Hampshire from the Civil War through the Vietnam War. As you walk around you can see both the Senate Chamber and the House Chamber. The House Chamber has the largest state legislative body in the U.S, with 400 members.

It is a definite must see while in Concord for anyone interested in history or politics.

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